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What is Partz? offers you the easiest way to buy spare parts for your car online, within UAE. You may enter any spare part you are looking for, in your Partz dashboard, and get immediate price quotes from our preferred network of suppliers across UAE.

Once you select the spare part of your choice with the right price, quality & supplier, you can proceed to make payment to Partz and we will have the spare part delivered to your doorstep.

Why is buying car parts online better than inquiring via telephone or ordering in-person?

When you buy spare parts for your car on the phone or in-person, you have to either spell out or hand over your Car Registration Number a.k.a. Mulkiya # to the salesperson at the car parts store. The more prices you want to compare against, the more physical research you gotta do. That's tedious for a regular car owner in UAE, considering the busy work schedule, long commutes, language barriers and the sweltering heat. What's worse is that the spare part you finally found may not always be readily available in stock. You might have to wait for the part to arrive at the car parts store before you can pick it up. What a turnoff!

Buying car parts online solves all of these problems. No more physical searching of parts or spelling out of Registration / Mulkiya number to the salesperson. Simply enter the Registration / Mulkiya number once in your account and enter as many spare parts you are looking for your car. It's easier because you get all the prices that have the product available in-stock, and you can make a price comparison, secure online purchase and have the item delivered to your doorstep, all with a click of a button.

Internet penetration in UAE is ... Smartphone penetration in UAE is ... We are expected to be the first country in the world to achieve 100% internet penetration. The potential for online shopping is only poised for revolution. Make use of it now.

Read more about it here.

What are your hours of operation? is an online service, hence is operational 24x7. You may enter the spare parts you are looking for at anytime. However, since our network of car part suppliers who send quotes to you may not be working 24 hours, you can expect to receive more prices quotes for your parts during the daytime.

All paid orders before 5 PM are processed the same day, and are usually scheduled for next day delivery. You can also choose same day delivery option at a premium rate.

Do I necessarily have to purchase the spare part if I have requested for a quote?

Of course not. You can enter as many spare parts as you are looking for, get price quotes from our suppliers and compare the prices for free. As many times as you like.

Am I buying the spare parts from the suppliers -or- provides a service, not a product. We do not make or sell spare parts on our own, instead we simply connect the buyers with multiple suppliers, in order to allow for the buyer to make an informed decision before making a car part purchase.

You will make payment to after choosing the spare part from your preferred supplier, and we will deliver your ordered parts on behalf of the supplier to your doorstep.

How quickly would I start receiving quotes from suppliers, for my requested part?

Normally, you can expect to receive price quotes within few minutes of your posting of the requested car part.

Where are the suppliers located?

We have a diverse range of suppliers for all brands of car parts. They could be located in any of the seven cities of UAE.

Can I contact the supplier online & send a message to inquire further details about my requested spare part?

Yes. When you receive a price quote on your requested spare part, the supplier would usually also mention few details about the part (guarantee period, make, quality, etc.) Should you have any further questions regarding that part, you may post messages and/or reply to the seller on your dashboard.

All conversations with the seller are recorded on your dashboard, for your future reference.

Why do you require a one-time cities ID verification before purchase?

Like with all e-commerce websites, security is paramount. In order for us to be able to establish user identity, it is important we have user information before credit-card transactions take place. The user is only required to enter the cities ID number one time for our records, before proceeding with the first credit-card transaction.

Can I access with my mobile phone?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that a lot of times car owners are standing at a garage consulting with a mechanic on car diagnostics. When a mechanic suggests the replacement spare parts, you can easily access and get immediate price quotes.

What happens if the spare part I purchased is defective?

We take great care in managing a network of spare part suppliers who strictly abide by quality standards set forth in the cities. However, should the purchased spare part be found defective, we inform the supplier and request for a replacement part for the buyer. Every dispute is handled on a case by case basis. undertakes a host of conflict resolution measures to resolve any differences that may arise between the buyer and supplier.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Who do I contact?

Should you have any questions, complaints, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to email us at any time: [email protected]

We usually respond to all emails within 48 hours.


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