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What is CarPartz?

Welcome to CarPartz - the easiest way to purchase spare parts for your car online in UAE.

The problem

Whether you are living in the glitzy downtown of Dubai, or resting in quieter cities of Al Ain or Khor Fakkan, buying a spare part for your car in UAE has never been easy. You may well be driving a shiny new Mercedes or a rusty old Honda, but when you hit a snag in your car, and your mechanic identifies the problem - there is something that every car owner has to endure - find a replacement spare part for your car.

It has gotta be reasonably priced, swiftly available and match the exact vehicle you need it for. Incredibly though, a simple search for the right spare part for your car quickly turns into a nightmare.

What do you do?

If you do a price & quality comparison on the phone, you have to spell out your Mulkiya / Registration card number to every single spare part supplier you inquire. Add to that the language barriers, lack of professional communication or even lack of the spare part itself, only worsens the plight.

If you do a price & quality comparison in person, you would have to hand out your Mulkiya / Registration card number to every single car part store you walk into. The language barriers, lack of professionalism or non-availability of spare parts are the downsides you run into even in this case, but the experience is even more frustrating when you are walking from store to store, inquiring about your car spare part in the sweltering heat of UAE.

It gets even worse when you "car brand/model" isn't a popular one. For all of these issues and more, there has never been an easy solution to buying car parts for any brand/model anywhere in UAE. That is, up until now.


The solution provides the easiest online solution to buy spare parts for your car in UAE. We have partnered with a range of car part suppliers across UAE.

Now all you have to do is enter your Car name, Mulkiya number & the Spare part you need in an easy 3-step-process, and our UAE-wide network of car part suppliers will immediately update you with your requested spare parts' price, quality & availability details; all of which would be displayed on your own personalized online CarPartz account.

You may communicate with any of the suppliers who have sent you the quote. Once you've chosen a preferred quote, you can then proceed to make secure credit-card payment to CarPartz, and we will have the spare part delivered to your doorstep! We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER) via our secure 2Checkout payment gateway.

It is as easy as it sounds. No more tedious phone calls, no more spelling out of Mulkiya Registration numbers, and no more language barriers or telephonic misinterpretations.

Why CarPartz?

- Driving in the summertime, car breaks down, mechanic suggests you replace your car's radiator. Now you gotta negotiate with 6-7 car part suppliers and hunt for the best price. What a drag!

- Buying spare parts online makes it so easy.

- Compare is to how online buying has made it easy for end-users / buyers for other goods (electronics, clothing, shoes, books). Spare parts for cars is one more addition. And its an item wherein you find yourself helpless.

- Most people are aware of the latest phones, shoes, clothing, but are not aware of what is the right price or quality for a spare part of their car. Getting quotes from other suppliers online makes it easy for them to be able to compare who is handing you a good deal and who is trying to squeeze you.

Driving in the summertime and your car breaks down. Bummer! Your mechanic suggests you replace your car's radiator. Great. Now you gotta search for & negotiate with 6-7 spare part suppliers of your car and hunt for the best price. What a drag! Don't you wish you had an easier solution to buying spare part for your car?


You are now able to buy spare parts for your specific car, without having to go anywhere in the summer heat. Online shopping and price comparison is a breeze these days with so many other products, namely, cell phones & electronics, shoes, books, or even groceries. But there has never been just as easy a way to buy car parts quickly, securely and frugally. CarPartz does just that.

Why buy online?

No parking fee, no Salik, no fuel costs, no tiresome driving around, no browsing for parts in sweltering heat. As opposed to sitting online and getting all the prices from tens of suppliers across UAE for your specific car model. Reason enough?

Points to consider:

- Can copy paste spare part requirements from mechanic, and compare price and show your mechanic, without having any knowledge about the part you wanna purchase.

Our supplier network provides a service, not a product. We do not make or sell spare parts on our own, instead we simply connect the buyers with multiple suppliers, in order to allow for the buyer to make an informed decision before making a car part purchase.

You will make payment to after choosing the spare part from your preferred supplier, and we will deliver your ordered parts on behalf of the supplier to your doorstep.

Yes. When you receive a price quote on your requested spare part, the supplier would usually also mention few details about the part (guarantee period, make, quality, etc.) Should you have any further questions regarding that part, you may post messages and/or reply to the seller on your dashboard.

All conversations with the seller are recorded on your dashboard, for your future reference.

We take great care in managing a network of spare part suppliers who strictly abide by quality standards set forth in the emirates. However, should the purchased spare part be found defective, we inform the supplier and request for a replacement part for the buyer. Every dispute is handled on a case by case basis. undertakes a host of conflict resolution measures to resolve any differences that may arise between the buyer and supplier.